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allisimpson: respect for these two - killing the game from now on

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So your melody will play on and on...

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@selenagomez: -busted

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@selenagomez: -busted

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Selena talking about Justin in an old live stream.

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he wasn’t even my grandpa, but I feel like he was ? he was one of the sweetest, most charming men on earth and he will be truly missed. rest in peace grandpa grande. arianators love u ❤️

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Please post I'm excited

I really don’t wanna start “officially” posting until I know that I can update regulary. I know I wanted to go ahead and post the premise and prologue because I was excited to reveal what I’ve been working on and y’all have been waiting too long (: 

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All I Need - Prologue

“Usually daddies don’t want their daughter’s around me sunshine.” I smirked pulling her closer to my body.

It was completely dark outside, and she and I were outside in an alley.

Dangerous, I know.

“Who said my dad would care?” She spoke lowly, pulling me even closer by the collar of my jacket. Her lips were dangerously close to mines and she was being a tease.

“You should run; I’m not the type of guy you should want to be around—to date.” I whispered to her.

“I can handle you.” She whispered back, her lips hovering over mine.

“You’re so hard headed Selena.” I chuckled. “And trust me, you cannot handle me.” I winked and trapped her against the brick wall of the alley.

“Trust me, I can; believe it or not, I’m not the type of girl you would wanna be around.” She said resting her forehead against mine.

“I find that hard to believe cupcake.” I chuckled.

“Well believe it babe.” She said and ran her hands up and down my chest.

I couldn’t resist my urge any longer; I leaned my neck down so I could bring our lips together and her arms wrapped around my neck.

Kissing Selena was everything I’ve wanted since she came to Pasadena High. Knowing I finally got my wish had to be the best thing to my life so far.

But I knew I shouldn’t be kissing her. It was too dangerous. Way too dangerous; for the both of us.

But I couldn’t stop.

When I heard her moan, that’s when I knew I definitely had to stop.

I pulled away and Selena looked at me with a confused expression.


“—we can’t do this Selena; I can’t do this.” I sighed running my hands through my hair.

“Um—and why not?” She asked crossing her arms.

She had a hurt look in her eyes.

“I don’t do relationships.” I said.

“Yeah, I got that loud and clear at school with the females you’ve hooked up with.” She said with a hurt tone.

“There’s a reason for that,” I said.

“What’s that reason?”

“It’s—it’s too dangerous.”

“What in the hell could be too dangerous for you to have a girlfriend; or in the matter for you to kiss me?” She snapped; yep she was pissed.

“Selena please—“I reached for her but she pulled away.

“Maybe I was wrong to trust you; maybe I was wrong about everything.” She said pushing me away then ran away.


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Long Live - Prologue

“MOM!” The 12 year old screamed at the top of her lungs as she entered the big quiet house.

Her father was following in behind her laughing as he shut the door. “You can scream all you want Kells, but what I did wasn’t a big deal.” Her father chuckled in an amused tone.

“Mom wouldn’t agree with you dad. Mom always has my back.” Kaylie said crossing her arms. Her father annoyed her at times—times like this.

Soon both heard feet coming down the stairs and not long after a petite but very pregnant Selena came into the foyer.

“Uh-oh what happened this time?” Selena chuckled as she walked into the formal living room, getting herself ready for the ‘story of the week’.

She sat down on one of the longest couches and put a pillow on the sectional, putting her feet up.

Justin took a seat next to his wife, as Kaylie took a seat on the sectional next to her mom’s feet.

“Where’s Kaitlyn, and how’s my precious new prince or princess?” Justin asked as he rubbed Selena’s belly. This would be their fifth child, and she was exhausted. It’s like after popping one kid out, she was pregnant again.

“Kaitlyn is upstairs taking a nap, after I fought with her for a while, and this little one inside me kicked all afternoon, but I think he or she is taking a nap now.” Selena said rubbing her stomach.

Kaylie cleared her throat waving her hands in the air to get her parents attention.

“Um, not to ruin y’alls couple fest, or whatever y’all call it, but I think it’s time for you to hear what daddy did to me, so you can prepare his punishment.” Kaylie said crossing her legs resting her linked hands on her knee.

“Okay, what did your father do this time?” Selena asked looking at Justin, then back to her daughter.

Selena was used to this by now. Years and years of Justin embarrassing Kaylie—it was a routine.

“Okay so we went to the frozen yogurt palace like we always do after my cheer practice and we took our usual seat outside under one of the umbrellas and I see Tristan walking up with Molly,” Kaylie began as she rolled her eyes when she mentioned the name “Molly”.

“Anyways, as they walked closer I waved and said “hi Tristan”, and he waved and smiled all nicely, and you wanna know what your husband did?”

Selena sat there smiling.

“Big ‘J’ over here cleared his throat and said, “I believe my daughter said ‘hi Tristan’.” Kaylie explained. “Tristan was polite and said, ‘I know sir, I smiled and waved,’ and dad was like, ‘oh so my daughter isn’t good enough for you to pronounce her name?’”

At this point Selena was holding back laughter.

“Tristan just stood there red as a tomato and I was mortified that my father had done that! Tristan ducked his head down and walked into the shop and when Molly walked by she said ‘nice one Kaylie’, so now I know my life is over. No one in the 7th grade class is going to want to talk to me, and they are never going to let me live this down, ever. Even after I’m married and have kids of my own.” Kaylie finished off.

After Kaylie finished and looked at her mother, Selena took her hand and whacked Justin in the chest causing him to make an “oof” sound.

“What was that for?” He whined rubbing his chest.

“For embarrassing our wonderful daughter and causing her total humiliation and total pain, so now she probably won’t be able to ever face her class ever again and be the laughing stock.” Selena smiled.

“That’s all I’m asking.” Kaylie smiled knowing she won this round—like she always did.

She got up and kissed her mom on the cheek, then ran up to her room.

“Why did you do that Justin?” Selena asked.

“Because if Kaylie likes him enough to actually say hi, he could have been a gentleman and said her name back. If he ever wants to date my princess he’s going have to step up to the plate.” Justin explained.

“Wait how do you know he even likes her?”

“The walls aren’t thick Selena.” Justin said.

“Oh my god Justin, you listen to our daughter while she’s having a conversation with her friends?”

“Hey I need to know what’s going on with our daughter’s life. She’s only 12. Even at 12 boys want a lot of things.”

“Sweetie I know, but you have to trust Kaylie. What are you gonna do once she starts high school?” Selena asked.

“You’re right,” Justin began and Selena smiled knowing she was winning but Justin added on, “I need to go buy some spy gear.”

Justin rushed off the couch and out the door to his truck.

“NO MORE KIDS!” Selena yelled.

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i and m
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