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Long Live - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Please read author’s note at end!!

Selena opened the doors to West Boca High letting the air from inside hit her flushed face while she carried her youngest daughter, Kayla, on her hip.

This would be just the second time this week she had to come up to Kaylie’s school because of her misbehavior.

Walking into the front office, the front desk lady peered over her glasses to Mrs. Bieber and pointed to the principal’s office, already knowing why the young mom was up at school before lunch had even started.

It was barely 10 am, and Selena was exhausted had just taken her two sons, Jaden and Jordan, and other daughter, Kaitlyn to school.

Walking to Principal Kerry’s office, she knocked once before entering.

Looking inside she saw Principal Kerry sitting at his desk, hands folded, elbows resting on top of his desk, as Kaylie was sitting across from him, leaning back slouching in the chair arms folded across her chest—she looked bored.

Selena cleared her throat to make her presence and Kaylie sat up properly looking at her mom wide eye.

“Oh, Mrs. Bieber, glad you could make it.” Principal Kerry said standing up fixing his tie. He extended his hand out to shake Selena’s, and Selena shook his hand back with firm.

Kaylie didn’t look her mom in the eye—she couldn’t. She knew her mom would be disappointed in her. Instead Kaylie eyed the name plate on the desk that read, ‘Principal Tyler Kerry.’

“Please, have a seat Mrs. Bieber.” Principal Kerry said gesturing towards the seat next to Kaylie. Selena took the seat, glaring at her daughter once, while she adjusted Kayla to sit in her lap.

Kaylie slouched down a bit. She was embarrassed herself.

“I thought you weren’t gonna call my mama?” Kaylie mumbled, just enough so Principal Kerry, and Selena herself could hear Kaylie.

“Now, that wouldn’t be appropriate. Your behavior lately has been non-acceptable and I’m very worried.” Principal Kerry said adjusting his tie once more.

“And what behavior of Kaylie’s is non-acceptable, Mr. Kerry?” Selena asked in a tone that Kaylie knew she was in trouble.

“As you know, Kaylie’s grades have been slipping, especially in Geometry. And as of earlier this week, she was called down to my office because of arguing with her English teacher, Mr. Jones. Well Miss Kaylie apparently got into another argument with Mr. Jones. According to this referral,” Principal Kerry said as he pulled out a pink slip,

“According to this, Mr. Jones said Kaylie was arguing with another girl in his class, and used profanity, and he told her to stop, and that’s when Kaylie turned on him and started yelling at him, but didn’t use any profanities with him.” Principal Kerry explained, reading off the pink slip.

 Selena was outraged.

She let out a breath of air, so she wouldn’t blow up herself.

“I’m so sorry for Kaylie’s misbehavior.” Selena apologized sighing rubbing her forehead.

“Is there anything going on at home that we should worry about? I’ve already asked Kaylie about it and she said not—“

“Are you implying that Justin and I aren’t doing our rightful jobs as parents?” Selena snapped.

“No Mrs. Bieber. It’s just a routine that we ask—“

Selena cut him off, “And Kaylie said nothing was going on. Just tell me what Kaylie’s punishment is.” Selena said in hurry. She was getting a migraine, and didn’t have time to deal with this.

Raising 5 kids was tough. Never in her life has someone accused her and Justin of bad parenting (okay maybe that one time when Justin and she argued when Kaylie was younger, but that’s a different story).

Maybe once or a few times she’d get the kids names mixed up, but she would never put her kids in danger—ever.

“Well, since this is Kaylie’s second offence, I recommend she gets off school property as soon as possible, and a weeks worth of detention starting on Monday.”

“What that’s not fair!” Kaylie gasped.

“Kaylie,” Selena said glaring at her, and Kaylie shut her mouth and leaned back in the chair.

“That sounds fair Mr. Kerry,” Selena said and stood up, adjusting Kayla back on her hip. “Sorry for wasting your time.” Selena apologized again, but Principal Kerry waved it off.

“I just hope to see improvement in you Kaylie. You were and you are better than this—I know you are.” Principal Kerry said looking over to Kaylie.


Walking to the car, Kaylie was two steps behind her mom, keeping a safe distance.

She knew her mom was very disappointed, but was even more worried thinking about what her father would think.

Selena put Kayla in the back seat, in her car seat, as Kaylie slid up front in the passenger side, shyly slipping on her seatbelt, scared to make any movement to piss her mom off even more.

Selena slid into the driver’s seat, and didn’t say a word to Kaylie not even a glance. She just started up the car, and put it in drive, driving home.

The drive home was only 30 minutes, but it’ll seem like a life time in this deadly silence.

Kaylie took out her phone and texted her friends.

To: Neeva, Ashboo, and Nae

Don’t look for me between classes or during lunch. Got into trouble again, and I know this time, I’ll be grounded for life. Love y’all xoxo

If anything Kaylie knew her friends would understand what happened during Mr. Jones’ class.

Especially her bestfriend, George; She and George had been friends since they were preschoolers, and the number one person that she could trust with anything.

To: George

Sooooo, I got into trouble again so don’t even bother looking for me at school and at lunch. Mom came and got me early because of shit head Kerry.

Selena took a quick glace over to Kaylie seeing she was texting—probably her friends. She knew she was gonna have to ground Kaylie, and end up taking her phone, but thought just to wait until Justin came home so they could decide on this together.

Kaylie’s phone beeped and she already knew who it was from.

From: George

Smh, Kells when are you gonna learn???? Lol. And what happened this time? Finally popped Mandy upside her bobble head?

To: George

No, I wish. But it’s a long story, but I know you’d keep bothering me til I said something so…basically Mandy and Danna was getting on my nerves calling me all sorts of names, I cussed them out, Mr. Jones only got on me so I yelled at him and he wrote me up. Now I have detention for a whole week starting Monday. Just kmn

Selena pulled up on the long driveway leading up to the house. Selena turned the car’s ignition and got out, as Kaylie sat still in her seat.

“You’re gonna have to get out eventually,” Selena said as she helped Kayla out of her car seat.

Kaylie didn’t realize her mom was even near her.

Selena walked into the house with Kayla at her side leaving Kaylie out in the car.

Kaylie sighed and got out and braced herself inside the house.

She saw Selena set her 3 year old sister Kayla in the den area so she could play with her toys, then saw her mom walk over to the kitchen beginning to make her morning coffee.

Kaylie stood quietly in the kitchen arch way carefully watching her mom.

She was memorized that her mom hadn’t snapped her lid just yet. Maybe she was waiting until her dad got home—or maybe she was too worn out to yell.

Kaylie knew her mom was tired all the time. Even though she doesn’t work at an actual paying job, the role of a mother of 5 is a job itself. Her mom had a 3 year old, 5 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, and not to mention herself—who is almost 16.

Raising a teenager is a job alone.

Kaylie felt guilty.

“M-om,” Kaylie said her voice cracking.

Selena just sighed. She poured her coffee and took a sip before turning to Kaylie and set her cup down on the kitchen island and Kaylie went to the other side of the island.

“What is wrong with you Kaylie?” Selena asked.

“Nothing mom, I promise.”

“Kells, you know if you keep this up, you will be kicked off the cheer team and stripped your title of cheer captain.” Selena explained.

Kaylie nodded. “I know,”

“Then why Kaylie?” Selena asked. “Is Mr. Jones threatening to you? Does he make you feel uncomfortable that you have to act out just to get out his class?”

Kaylie snapped her head up to her mom and shook her head viciously. “No mom, of course not!”

“Then why?”

“Mandy and Danna just hate me. Most of the girls in the sophomore class do. Some upperclassmen and freshman do too.”

“Why Kaylie?”

Kaylie shrugged. “I dunno. Some are jealous that I’m cheer captain and I’m just a 10th grader. Mandy hates me just to hate me, telling everyone that I’m a whore trying to get with her boyfriend Tristan, and Danna and some other girls hate me because I’m bestfriends with George.”

“Why would Mandy say shit like that, and why are Danna and the other girls mad that you’re bestfriends with George?”

“Mandy is just a b word, and Danna and the other girls must have a crush on George and just jealous that he spends a lot of time with me. I know Danna is definitely jealous. Everyone knows she has a crush on George, George himself knows.”

“What does George have to say about Danna?”

Kaylie shrugged. “He said that he really doesn’t like-like her. But he does think she’s pretty and a good soccer player.”

“Kaylie, next time those girls taunt you, just ignore them okay? You know what and who you are, and so do your friends and family. That’s all who should matter.” Selena explained to her daughter and grabbed her hands in hers. “What you think about yourself is more important than what those girls think about you baby.”

Kaylie let a tear fall, and sniffled. “Did you ever deal with mean girls?”

Selena laughed. “Yes, all the time. And I’m not gonna lie, I did let most of them get to me, but I did eventually just shake it off. Sometimes there were girls who pushed me to hard and I just lost it, but I always remembered who I was.” Selena smiled and Kaylie’s lips tugged up.

“Thanks mom,” Kaylie smiled and went over to hug her mom.

“No problem baby.” She cooed and kissed the top of Kaylie’s head. “You know we’re gonna have to tell dad, right?” Selena whispered in Kaylie’s hair and Kaylie groaned.

“Do we have to?” Kaylie asked looking up at her mom.

“Yes,” Selena said moving a piece of Kaylie’s hair from her face. “Now I know you got your work you’d be missing for the rest of the day, so how about you go do that, while I plan lunch?”



Selena had fallen asleep on the couch when she felt poking on her stomach and opened her eyes seeing it was Kayla.

Selena yawned and stretched, grabbing Kayla to sit her on her lap. “What’s wrong baby?”

Kayla pointed to Selena’s stomach then her own stomach.

“You hungry baby girl?” Selena asked and Kayla nodded her head. “C’mon let’s get you some fruit. I know that’s your favorite.” Selena smiled to her youngest and Kayla returned the smile.

Selena stood up with Kayla in her arms and walked into the kitchen sitting Kayla down on the counter, and grabbed out a bowl.

Turning to the fridge, she pulled out some blueberries, strawberries, apples, and grabbed a banana and began slicing the fruit.

She took a quick glace at the clock seeing it was almost 4’oclock, knowing Jaden and Kaitlyn would be home soon.

Jordan would be at soccer practice, and Justin would be the one to pick him up on his way home around 5:30.

Right when Selena handed Kayla the bowl, Jaden and Kaitlyn busted through the door and ran to their mother’s arms.

“Hey babies,” Selena smiled and kissed the top of their heads. “Are y’all hungry? Do y’all want a snack?”

“Yes!” Both agreed in unison.

Selena looked at her kids grinning faces, and as she looked to Jaden, she was always reminded of Sasha.

Jaden was a spitting image of Sasha, but look nothing like John, his ‘claimed’ biological father. Selena always thought Jaden looked like someone else, but never brought it up. Especially not to Justin—she couldn’t.

Around 5:50 that evening Justin arrived with Jordan and Jordan said a quick hi to his mom, before running up the stairs to get cleaned up for dinner.

Justin went into the kitchen and gave Selena a kiss on the cheek.

“Ew, that one was wet,” Selena teased turning around and kissed Justin quickly on the lips. “How was work?”

“Eh, work.” Justin said. “Raised another 10 grand!” Justin smiled.

“Well that’s good to hear.” Selena said while checking on the spaghetti.

“So how was your day?” Justin asked as he leaned on the counter next to his wife.

“Kaylie got into trouble—again.” Selena sighed. “I had to go pick her up early. Apparently she cussed out two of her classmates, then got into trouble with Mr. Jones, and yelled at him.” Selena explained.

“Why would Kaylie do that? It’s not like Kaylie to act that way.” Justin said furrowing his eyebrows. He was worried about his daughter.

Selena explained further on how the girls taunt her, and tease her and how they are jealous of her.


After dinner, Justin and Selena went up to Kaylie’s room seeing she was on her laptop.

“Kells, can we talk to you?” Justin asked as he and Selena stepped into her room.

“Sure,” Kaylie sighed defeated.

“Just so you know, your mom already told me everything.” Justin explained.

“Yeah, I was worried about that.” Kaylie said as she began fiddling with her ear buds. “So my punishment is?”

“Well we’ve decided to let you keep your phone knowing you’ll need it when you stay afterschool for practice,” Justin began and Selena continued,

“But we’re taking your laptop for a week, and you only get to use it for homework reasons; and no hanging out with friends for a week.”

Kaylie nodded her head but then she remembered, “But wait, Geneva’s party is Saturday!” Kaylie exclaimed.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to miss it babe.” Selena said.

“But it’s Geneva’s party! Mom, dad I can’t miss this! Almost the entire school is going! It’s her back to school bash party!”

“Sorry Kells, but you’re not going end of story.” Justin frowned. He didn’t like the fact that Kaylie was arguing back.

Kaylie huffed and sat back on her bed.

Selena went over and grabbed Kaylie’s laptop then kissed her forehead.

“And we’re gonna figure something out about your Geometry grade.” Selena said pointing at Kaylie.

“Good luck, Geometry ain’t a piece of cake.”

“I’m surprised you’re having trouble with Geometry. Your dad and I both were math wizards—well your dad was just a basic nerd.” Selena laughed and Justin lightly pushed her arm.

“Hurt-ful!” Justin laughed.

“How about a tutor?” Selena offered.

“So you or dad is gonna tutor me?”

“No way! We were done with Geometry years ago.” Selena laughed. “How about Geneva’s brother, Adam? I know he’s really good at math.”

“Okay, I’ll ask him tomorrow.” Kaylie smiled.

“And now for the girls,” Justin began and Kaylie groaned falling back on her bed, grabbing one of her throw pillows putting it over her face.

“I thought you and mom already discussed that.” She said through her pillow.

“We have,” Selena spoke,

“But we just wanna make sure you know, next time those girls taunt you, that you just ignore them.” Justin finished.

Kaylie sat up throwing the pillow to the side of her. “Yeah I know. George has told me plenty of times to ignore them because he knows how my temper is.”

“Just like your dad’s.” Selena chuckled, patting Justin’s shoulder. She knew Justin had a bad temper, and knew one of the kids were sure to get it also.


Next day after school at cheer practice Kaylie talked to her friends about how her parents grounded her and she couldn’t attend the party tomorrow night.

“It sucks you can’t come to my party Kells,” Geneva said twirling her brunette hair.

Geneva stood at about 5’6, and was lean, but Kaylie thought sometimes Geneva could be annoying, but in the end, Geneva was already there for her. Geneva and Kaylie didn’t become friends until last year, when they met at cheer tryouts and Kaylie and Geneva were paired for spotting each other while tumbling.

“Yeah, can you like try and convince your parents to allow you to come?” Janae asked.

Janae had a nice tan (she didn’t even have to go to a tanning bed to get one—of course a lot of girls were jealous by this), her jet black hair was in a messy pony tail that sat on top of her head, her blue eyes popped (and made a lot of people love her), and she was one of the nicest girls Kaylie has ever met. They met in 6th grade, but didn’t become bestfriends until 7th grade when one of Kaylie’s ex-bestfriend betrayed her.

“I’ve tried.” Kaylie sighed and crossed her arms.

“Your mom is the easiest to persuade Kells. She understands!” Ashley said.

Ashley was the last to join the group. She’s brown skin, but considers herself an ‘oreo’ (black on the outside, white on the inside) and the girls’ love her for this. Ashley came to West Boca High at the end of freshman year and immediately befriended the girls.

“I know, but I feel like this time I really messed up. It’s my second time being in trouble with Mr. Jones, and I’m already failing Geometry! Not to mention school just started under a month ago.”

“Mr. Jones is a dickhead. He plays favorites.” Geneva snickered. “Of course he loves Molly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Molly dropped her panties already to be on his favorites list.” Geneva chuckled, and the girls joined.

“But I don’t understand is Geometry. Kaylie you’re like the smartest girl in the 10th grade.” Ashley said with her finger on her chin.

“It’s more difficult then I thought.” Kaylie shrugged. “Oh but that reminds me; Geneva do you think your brother would mind tutoring me?”

Geneva shook her head. “No I know he wouldn’t. He sees y’all as little sisters more than he sees me as a little sister. So no, he wouldn’t mind.”

“Good; I don’t need my parents on my ass about this.” Kaylie sighed.


A/N: Hey my beautiful readers!! OMG FIRST CHAPTER FINALLY UPLOADED YAY! How did you guys like it? Scale 1-10? I’ve decided on a new style of writing, and NOT using a specific POV because I find it easier to get into the minds of each character without using a POV every, single time. But if you want me to use POV’s sometimes let me know! Also, I know Jelena moments aren’t like in every bit of the story, but remember, they’re raising kids; I got 5 kids to write about! Especially a teenage Kaylie—now this will be fun! Follow me on twitter - @igomezfever tweet me anytime, and you can leave anonymous questions on my ask at ask.fm/igomezfever

And as for my other new story, All I Need, I am writing, but I started all new and as I was starting over, I got a new idea for a new story that I like a whole lot better. So I’m debating whether to keep All I Need or not. 

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